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Lower Paxton Township Historical Commission

Lower Paxton Township Historical Commission at Taste of Linglestown

Financial support for the Historical Commission's mission of preserving and presenting our community's past, including the preservation of historical structures and to help educate the  community of Lower Paxton's rich history. 

Possibility Place Maintenance

Re-dedication of Possibility Place Playground in George Park Lower Paxton Township Janis Creason John McNally John DiSanto George Hartwick Jeff Haste Matt Krupp Robin Lindsy

Possibility Place Playground was built in 2007 and refurbished in 2017 as part of the LP 250th Celebration.  A fund was created to ensure perpetual care and updating.

Historical Commission Display Podiums

Lower Paxton Township Historical Commission history plaque at Heroes Grove Brightbill Park B26 Plane Crash on Blue Mountain

Funding the ongoing research, creation and installation of Historical Podiums to commemorate historical events and locations.

NutriPacks Program Central Dauphin Schools

Central Dauphin School District Nutripacks Program

Supporting Good Food, Great Minds

Feeding Children in Need in the Central Dauphin School District

Lower Paxton Park and Recreation

Lower Paxton Park system

Future funding to support the development and maintenance of the LP Park system.

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